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Nate Solon

Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Booking a package of training sessions with Liem is one of the best chess decisions I've made. Playing against such a strong opponent, I gained a much clearer sense of my weaknesses and areas I need to improve, because I had no room for error. Additionally, Liem was very generous with his time and insights in reviewing the games. Having access to such a strong player is really an incredible opportunity.

Harry Le

Georgia, USA

This summer, I had a chance to go to a camp taught by super grandmaster Le Quang Liem, a world-class player. The camp was very instructive and it widened my opening repertoire to a new extent. GM Liem taught all of the lines very well and made me understand all of them in great depth. His lines are very easy to remember and there are rarely any long lines that require too much memorizing. GM Liem's camp definitely improved my chess by a lot. I would recommend any of GM Liem's camps to anyone that is looking to improve their chess. I also liked that GM Liem was very eager to answer any questions that his students have. This shows me that he puts in a genuine effort to support and improve other people's chess. Overall, I enjoyed the camp very much and had a great time!

Brandon Jiang

Bellevue. Washington

Throughout this course, it was very detailed, very informative, and overall I learned a lot.

Anthony He

Seattle, Washington, United States of America

I really enjoyed the camp that he gave me! The analysis was very thorough and checked with strong engines. Model games were provided which was very helpful as it allowed me to see how the top players played the position. Liem always made sure the key points got through and explained all the key ideas thoroughly, as well as doing brief summaries. It was a wonderful experience!

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